Friday, November 30, 2012

Masked Winter Trees

Right now our trees look like they are in a middle of a snow storm with the white on white lacking any contrast!
We used different kinds of masking tape. Mrs. Anderson gathered all that she could. Blue painters tape would be best for masking the white birch trees. Some of the tape kind of rips/ takes some of the fibers of the paper with them when lifted off.

The 4th graders did a great job of sharing the rolls of tape and problem solving to create their "Y" trees. If anyone wants to donate any kind of tape or stickers all is welcome and appreciated!  Some of us are using my "Happy BIrthday" stickers to mask out a moon. We are so excited to paint and then peel to reveal the contrast of the cool night sky against the bright white trees.  I'm thinking it would be a nice challenged to also mask out a Cardinal in our tree.  Check back next week for more pictures to come!    

Aboriginal Inspired Sea-Scape

This year we are focusing on the cultures from Australia and New Zealand. Here are a couple of books illustrated by an Aboriginal artist in a contemporary dot painting style.

The 3rd graders looked at maps and globes before we first drew our abstract sea-scape with Australia, Tasman Sea, New Zealand then the Pacific Ocean. They then traced over their drawing and created different weighted lines.  This created more interest and added to the movement. Next we watched Perpetual Ocean (1080p HD)  an animation of the ocean's currents created by NASA.  They then drew movement lines to represent the currents around Australia and New Zealand with water based markers.  We then painted over the lines with water and last water color using a wet-on wet watercolor technique. 

After comparing Aboriginal dot paintings with other styles of Aboriginal art we were able to identify the dot painting style.  We watched this youTube video called Aboriginal art dot painting being demonstrated by an Aboriginal artist. 

Students are enjoying this process and making many connections.  All of their art is looking great!  Keep up the good work!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

VERY Cool Landscapes!

Kindergarteners are now finishing their COOL Landscapes. We used liquid tempera paint and often double loaded our brush to mix the paint on our paper. We touched the neutral white paint with our paintbrush then touched the tip of our brush to one of the cool colors to make the cool colors lighter. By doing this we created tints of violet, blue and green. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Warm Lions Like the Sun!

Kindergarteners learned how to draw a lion using lines and shapes. 
We noticed that the long hair of the mane grows out and around the lions head like the rays of the sun.  We then painted our lion using yellow, orange, and red; the warm colors like the sun! 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gobble, Gobble! Happy Thanksgiving!

The kindergarteners learned about NEUTRAL COLORS of browns, black, white and gray when making these turkeys.  

The Kindergarteners also got to see REAL turkey feathers.  They learned more about patten and texture and showed this in their artwork. They all have such great personalities!

We worked on our gluing and cutting skills when working on this turkey collage. 
They all did a fantastic job!  I hope everyone had a very blessed Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Square 1 Art Fundraiser Information

Hello Families!

If your child was at school today the Square 1 Art fundraiser information packets should now be home. Yay! 

Each student received 2 things:
Order form with stickers of their art. 
- A sticker that says "Square 1 Artist" to wear out the door. This hopefully helped them remember to talk to you about ordering online!!!

4 Important things:
- The due date for orders is Thanksgiving break! (You need to order by Nov. 26.)
- These make great gifts! (The orders should be here around Dec. 18. Just before Christmas Break.)
- Please order online. (If it isn't at all possible bring the form and a check back in and Mrs. Anderson will enter it online). 
- The class with the highest percentage of participation will earn an EXTRA CLAY projectWhoo-hoo!   (Participation is placing an order online.)  So far Mr. Bolhuis and Mr. Weber's class both have an order placed. Mr. Weber has a smaller class so this puts his class in the lead. Way to go on getting your orders in early! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Square 1 Art

Dear Parent,

Coming home to you soon is a school sponsored elementary fundraiser called Square 1 Art.  This fundraiser takes your child’s artwork and makes it into great products for you to purchase.  These products are wonderful keepsakes and gifts for family and friends.  Your child has been busy making beautiful artwork that can be made into many fun products such as magnets, t-shirts, mouse pads, ornaments and much more!

The money raised from this fundraiser will enable the Park Elementary Art Department to continue its efforts in supporting our students.  Some of these efforts include books to supplement the art curriculum and new technology for the art room.   Your help is needed for us to continue offering these opportunities to our school.

Looking Ahead…

– Look for your child’s FREE STICKERS with ordering information to come home.  You will be able to see your child’s artwork and ordering information at the top of the Stickers.

– All ONLINE ORDERS AND PAPER ORDER FORMS ARE DUE BY 11/26/12.  No late orders will be accepted. Please try and order online and let me know if you need me to help.

 – Approximate Product Distribution will be December 18, 2012.  Watch for future details.
Square 1 Art is a wonderful fundraiser that celebrates your child’s artwork along with helping our school.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,
Amanda Anderson

Friday, October 26, 2012

Like Monet "En Plein Air"

Wednesday and Thursday were two beautiful fall days! The 5th graders just started learning about Claude Monet.  I absolutely loved bringing the kids outside to paint En plein air.  That is a French expression which means "in the open air".  It is particularly used to describe the act of painting outdoors like the Impressionist Monet. We wanted to capture the effects of light and color.  The 5th grade artists loved working outside and made many new discoveries. For example, one of the discoveries was that the trunks of the trees are not just brown.  You could actually see a little buttery yellow from the warm sun and bits of blue or violet and green in the cool shadows.  For some reason squinting your eyes can help you see these subtle colors.  I hope that they are inspired to continue to draw and paint what they see in their free time at home.
Zetta also enjoyed drawing what she saw outdoors..
and as you can see she was very pleased with it all! :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Walls of Fame Artist Reception

Park Elementary's "Walls of Fame" artist reception was a well-attended and fun event for all involved.  Walls of Fame art is on display in the rooms of the office, library and hallways of the school for all to enjoy.  Students with selected artwork were invited to a special after school reception in the school library where refreshments and doughnut holes were provided.  It was a standing-room-only event! 

Students were recognized for their selection with a certificate of achievement and sincere congratulations from our principal Mr. Field and myself.  After the ceremony for the students, families were encouraged to walk the halls and view the student work.  Many families enjoyed this opportunity to see other students’ artwork as well as snap photos of their own artist and their masterpiece.  The Hudsonville community is a strong supporter of the arts and the Park Elementary Walls of Fame artist reception is another example of that tradition in the arts. Thank you for all of your support of our young artists!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Welcome to Our Art Class Blog!

Thank you for a great start to the year!  I will use this blog to share with you what is going on in the art classroom, art events and art related topics. You can request to receive an email whenever I add a new post to this blog by "following" me.  In the email there will be a link to the new post so you can more easily stay updated with the happenings in the art room.  I encourage you to leave comments and I look forward to hearing from you as well.  I'm really excited to offer this new approach to communication!