Friday, November 30, 2012

Masked Winter Trees

Right now our trees look like they are in a middle of a snow storm with the white on white lacking any contrast!
We used different kinds of masking tape. Mrs. Anderson gathered all that she could. Blue painters tape would be best for masking the white birch trees. Some of the tape kind of rips/ takes some of the fibers of the paper with them when lifted off.

The 4th graders did a great job of sharing the rolls of tape and problem solving to create their "Y" trees. If anyone wants to donate any kind of tape or stickers all is welcome and appreciated!  Some of us are using my "Happy BIrthday" stickers to mask out a moon. We are so excited to paint and then peel to reveal the contrast of the cool night sky against the bright white trees.  I'm thinking it would be a nice challenged to also mask out a Cardinal in our tree.  Check back next week for more pictures to come!    

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