Thursday, November 21, 2013

And the Winners Are...

5th graders! It was a very close competition. With all percentages rounded up 5th grade took the lead with 24%, 2nd grade came in 2nd place with 23% and Kindergarten came in third place with 22% participation.  5th graders won and will get to do two clay projects this year. :) Yay 5th graders!  Thank you everyone for encouraging and supporting your young artist and supporting art at Park Elementary!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Competition is On! Get Your Square 1 Art Orders In!!!

Our deadline is approaching! This Tuesday, November 19 is our deadline for orders. So please get your orders placed at The grade with the highest participation will earn an extra clay project this year!! As of right now 2nd grade is winning but any grade could still easily take the lead! :)

Friday, November 8, 2013

4th grade- Cat and Tree Silhouettes

4th graders learned how to mix tints of blue to paint a gradation. They also learned more painting tricks for brush control when painting these silhouettes of a cat in a tree. 

5th Grade- O'Keeffe Lawrence Trees

5th graders created these abstracted skyward view of trees after O'Keeffe's Lawrence tree.  They learned that an Analogous color scheme is 3 colors next to each other on the color wheel. They blended these colors to create the grouping of leaves or pine needles on the tree.   


First Grade Scarecrows

First graders learned how to blend crayons and paint when creating these scarecrows. 
2nd grade overlapping pumpkins. Students mixed the primary colors to make the secondary colors.

2nd Grade cat silhouette. Students learned about the impressionist Claude Monet and looked at this painting of his. We noticed the sunset had the colors of a rainbow.

Square 1 Art

Your children may have already brought home their Square 1 Art packet.  If not, by the time your children get home today make sure to check their bags to see the cool complementary stickers of your child's art work that comes with the ordering packet.   If you want to place an order and have access to do it online, this is our preferred method.  It is not a problem if you are not able to order online.  Send it back to school with your child and I can help enter the order online and send in the paperwork.  To order go to  

Each year, district-wide at the elementary level we have a geographical cultural unit of focus. This will be our 4th year into the 6 year rotation.  This year we are focusing on Mexico and some of the other countries that are part of Central and South America.  Last year we studied Australia and New Zealand.  I was able to use some of the Square 1 Art raised funds to purchase children's story books about these cultures.  I hope to eventually be able to purchase books on all of the cultural units, artist and drawing books to support all of our art curriculum.  I have these books available for the students to read in the art room.  I also use these books to inspire art projects and help the students make connections with these other cultures and artists. Funds raised from Square 1 will go towards children's books about artists, cultures and new how to draw books for children to use.  In the future I would also like to get some drawing light boxes for the art room, visual timer, clay tools, additional projector to project art examples/ reference images while also projecting a drawing demonstration, Elmo document camera, Art DVD's, classroom camera, and a rack or materials to build a rack for proper storage of the kiln shelves.  We are going to have a competition to see which grade level can have the highest percentage of participation.  The grade level that wins will get to do an extra clay project!

The deadline to order is Tuesday November 19.  Orders will be delivered before we are dismissed for Winter/Christmas break.  Square 1 Art can make great Christmas gifts. Shoot me an email if you want to surprise your child with an ordered gift.  I'll be sure to set it aside for you. Thanks so much for encouraging your young artist and supporting art at Park.

We Got a Kiln!! :)

Our new kiln ready for for clay projects to be made and fired!
I wanted to send out a special thank you to our parent club. Park's Parent Club is the greatest.  I am so excited to get to use the new kiln, clay, and glaze with all of the students this year at Park!!  Parent Club so generously purchased these items for us this year.  The students are very excited and I am so happy they get to have these great experiences in art.  I also look forward to being in our new art room after Christmas break. Again I feel so blessed. Thank you so much!

I'm Back!

It has been so nice to have your children in art class. I feel so blessed to be able to work with your children here at Park. They have been doing a wonderful job for me which makes the transition back from my maternity leave so nice. It's hard leaving my babies but I do love teaching your kids.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

The lovely and talented Mrs. Anderson is currently on maternity leave, and I feel fortunate to be filling in for her.  My name is Meagan Chmura.  I live in Holland with my kids Dylan and Amelia, my husband Dan,  dog named Oscar, and cat named Boots.  In my spare time I like to create my own art, read, exercise, and spend time with friends and family.  I look forward to teaching at Park until Mrs. Anderson returns at the end of October. 

We have been busy during this first month of school!  Check out what we have been doing at each grade level.

Kindergarteners worked on making some rainbows.  They learned a new song to remember the order of the colors.

First graders made some abstract figures inspired by the artist Joan Miro.  Check out their use of regular and irregular shapes.

Second graders made some landscapes inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's famous painting, Starry Night.  

Third Grade created Mexican Figures.  Check out the bright colors on the sombreros, ponchos, and other traditional apparel.  

Fourth Grade students studied abstract art and the works of Wassily Kandinsky.  They used their recollection of warm and cool colors to created works of art inspired by Kandinsky's Squares with Concentric Circles.

Fifth grade students learned about the works of Gustav Klimt and Art Nouveau.  They recalled different types of lines and used them to created patterns in their quilts.

Some of these works of art will be gracing our halls in the near future.  

Stay tuned for Square 1 Art.   Students will have the opportunity to see their work printed on different things while raising funds for the art room.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Blue Dog, Color and Jackson Pollock Come Together

3rd graders are reviewing color theory and learning about artist George Rodrique and his Blue dog along with Jackson Pollock and Abstract Expressionism.

Monet Lily Pads and Frogs

1st graders just finished learning about the Impressionist Claude Monet and made their own impressionistic lily pad. Then they made a clay frog from Monet's frog pond. We learned about his sons breaking their record of catching 60 frogs in one day. With the number of first graders we have just broke their record and they should now all be set back out in the wild at home. ;) The Model Magic clay they used is very light and feels more like foam when dry. It Is really easy to work with and can be found in the craft section of Meijer or any craft store.This clay is pretty mess free and would be great fun to make more sculptures with this summer at home.

Clay Projects

Right now clay has been the buzz word all day long. The morning classes have started their clay projects and have been thoroughly enjoying it. They are working with an air dry clay that feels just like real clay that would get fired in a kiln. This clay is great for the experience of working with clay and learning various techniques. However, this type of clay is not always the most permanent with it's strength and durability. There is always some disappointment with parts breaking off. They all were well informed on the risk in some of their designs that were perhaps a little long or thin. I always stress the importance of using proper methods of scratching, scoring, slipping and smoothing the parts together. Most students work is seen to completion. There are always some that we have to accept as part of the learning experience when there is a break that glue just wont hold. We try and look at the positive things that we learned and can do. Students who will be in art again in the future will have another shot at a great success with clay.