Thursday, January 24, 2013

Penguin Collage

Kindergarteners just finished a penguin collage and learned about printmaking when printing with brayers and stamping snowflakes around their penguin.

Cozy Self-Portaits

1st grade artist are also finishing a self-portrait collage. These portraits show them sleeping cozy in bed.  They learned how to weave paper for a blanket and made a symmetrical headboard.

Catch a Falling Snowflake

2nd graders are just finishing a self-portrait collage with a unique perspective of them trying to catch falling snowflakes.

Snowmen Perspectives

3rd graders just finished their snowmen from many perspectives.  They were very creative with the many different points of view that they could draw their snowmen.


4th graders just finished their Nutcrackers. They took longer than expected but they were well worth the wait. They all took such pride in the completion of this project from start to finish. They also learned how to blend the oil pastels to make their nutcrackers come to life.


5th grade recently finished some amazing spacescapes. First, they reviewed warm and cool colors and learned some new painting techniques. Next, fifth graders became proud circle experts when cutting out their circles for the planets. Last they used chalk pastel to shade the planets to make them look 3D.

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Official Square 1 Art Class Competition Winners!

I want to thank all of you for supporting and encouraging your young artists. A special thank you for all that were able to place an order with Square 1 Art. I enjoyed seeing all of the student art featured on the merchandise.    

The competition came to a close at the end of December.  I got the orders counted and it is OFFICIAL Mrs. Hossink's class won the competition for the highest participation!  They won an extra clay project that will be made in the very near future!  Yay for a clay party!  I also added another incentive and said each grade level would have a little surprise for the class with the highest participation.  Today each student in the winning classes got a "WoW" ticket to enter in the school's weekly drawing along with their choice of candy.  Many kids made their choice based on which candy was bigger than the other or which would last the longest. Tomorrow I am going to add some clementines into the mix of candy for the kids to pick as a healthy sweet choice. It will be interesting to see what gets picked. :)

The winners are as follows:
K: Mrs. Horn
1st: Mrs. Hossink
2nd: Mrs Chambers
3rd: Mrs. Haagsma
4th: Ms. Uthe
5th: Mr. Bolhuis

There were a few grades with a tie. The winning class was then determined by which class had the highest in sales. 
Again thank you so much for all of your suport!