Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Square 1 Art Winners Clay Party!

Even though it has been a while since we actually had our clay party with Mrs. Hassinks class, I thought it would be nice to post some pictures of what these creative kids came up with.  They each got their own package of model magic and had markers to add color to the white clay.  Then the were given other materials like wire, pipe cleaners, and fabric to add to their sculptures. Model magic is extremely lightweight and soft.  It has a foam like texture after it air dries and doesn't need to be fired or baked.  Many wanted to know where they can get it. You can easily find it in the art and craft section at Meijer or at any art and craft store.

I took a vote as to what they wanted to do.  Most wanted to work independently so I showed them a few techniques and gave them some tips.  They had a great time and were very proud of what they made. Model magic is easy and fun to work with and is so easy to clean up.  I encourage you to get Model Magic and make some sculptures of your own at home!

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