Monday, May 20, 2013

Blue Dog, Color and Jackson Pollock Come Together

3rd graders are reviewing color theory and learning about artist George Rodrique and his Blue dog along with Jackson Pollock and Abstract Expressionism.

Monet Lily Pads and Frogs

1st graders just finished learning about the Impressionist Claude Monet and made their own impressionistic lily pad. Then they made a clay frog from Monet's frog pond. We learned about his sons breaking their record of catching 60 frogs in one day. With the number of first graders we have just broke their record and they should now all be set back out in the wild at home. ;) The Model Magic clay they used is very light and feels more like foam when dry. It Is really easy to work with and can be found in the craft section of Meijer or any craft store.This clay is pretty mess free and would be great fun to make more sculptures with this summer at home.

Clay Projects

Right now clay has been the buzz word all day long. The morning classes have started their clay projects and have been thoroughly enjoying it. They are working with an air dry clay that feels just like real clay that would get fired in a kiln. This clay is great for the experience of working with clay and learning various techniques. However, this type of clay is not always the most permanent with it's strength and durability. There is always some disappointment with parts breaking off. They all were well informed on the risk in some of their designs that were perhaps a little long or thin. I always stress the importance of using proper methods of scratching, scoring, slipping and smoothing the parts together. Most students work is seen to completion. There are always some that we have to accept as part of the learning experience when there is a break that glue just wont hold. We try and look at the positive things that we learned and can do. Students who will be in art again in the future will have another shot at a great success with clay.

clay challenge

Kindergartners and First graders are having a fun clay challenge. They first had to make a number of different 3d shapes/forms. Then they got to sculpt different objects.

Kinders made different coil curves. Then they all made a Spiral snail and a coiled snake.

First graders had a number of different objects that challenged them. When sculpting these objects they had so many creative solutions.

Clay Crocodiles

2nd graders had a great time squeezing, squishing, pushing, pulling, and pinching their clay to form their crocodiles. They are now mixing colors and painting their baby crocs.