Friday, November 8, 2013

Square 1 Art

Your children may have already brought home their Square 1 Art packet.  If not, by the time your children get home today make sure to check their bags to see the cool complementary stickers of your child's art work that comes with the ordering packet.   If you want to place an order and have access to do it online, this is our preferred method.  It is not a problem if you are not able to order online.  Send it back to school with your child and I can help enter the order online and send in the paperwork.  To order go to  

Each year, district-wide at the elementary level we have a geographical cultural unit of focus. This will be our 4th year into the 6 year rotation.  This year we are focusing on Mexico and some of the other countries that are part of Central and South America.  Last year we studied Australia and New Zealand.  I was able to use some of the Square 1 Art raised funds to purchase children's story books about these cultures.  I hope to eventually be able to purchase books on all of the cultural units, artist and drawing books to support all of our art curriculum.  I have these books available for the students to read in the art room.  I also use these books to inspire art projects and help the students make connections with these other cultures and artists. Funds raised from Square 1 will go towards children's books about artists, cultures and new how to draw books for children to use.  In the future I would also like to get some drawing light boxes for the art room, visual timer, clay tools, additional projector to project art examples/ reference images while also projecting a drawing demonstration, Elmo document camera, Art DVD's, classroom camera, and a rack or materials to build a rack for proper storage of the kiln shelves.  We are going to have a competition to see which grade level can have the highest percentage of participation.  The grade level that wins will get to do an extra clay project!

The deadline to order is Tuesday November 19.  Orders will be delivered before we are dismissed for Winter/Christmas break.  Square 1 Art can make great Christmas gifts. Shoot me an email if you want to surprise your child with an ordered gift.  I'll be sure to set it aside for you. Thanks so much for encouraging your young artist and supporting art at Park.

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