Friday, December 19, 2014

Dale Chihuly Inspired Art

5th graders are having a blast and are on a roll coloring and cutting up the plastic water bottles! It's fun to see how long they can get and some even have multiple spirals. We ran out of plastic bottles today and still have lots to go! Please collect & bring in any THIn plastic water bottles that you have over break. We tried a pop or sport drink bottle & we couldn't cut it with the scissors. We will be working on this sculpture the first thing Monday when we get back from break. So please bring them in first thing. : )
We noticed the beautiful colored light shining on the black paper from the water bottle. This got us excited thinking about how the sculpture will look hanging by the window.

Ps..This chicken wire is working awesome! Each opening/lid fits in the holes of the wire. Some want to pop out when a neighboring opening is getting filled. I'm think a glue gun will help with that. Do you have any other ideas? I see so many possibilities. :)

O'Keeffe Skull and Navajo Rug

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Happy Holidays with Square 1 Art!!

We were so excited with how cool everyones art looked on all of these Square 1 Art products! We had to snap a few pictures before they were sent home.  These got here nice and early so I'm sure they are all wrapped and ready to make some lucky people feel really special. 

Here are some of my big helpers that came in during their lunch recess to helped sort things out and delivered the art orders to the correct classrooms.

Thank you ladies!!!

Behind these S1A boxes you can see the posters with Square 1 Art stickers that I collected from each student. The kids really have enjoyed pointing out their robot art and admiring other students from all the classes. Nice work all you Park artists and thank you to everyone for supporting our young artist and the art program!

Singing Loud for All to Hear Spreading Christmas Cheer!

The classes combined a number of times to get prepared for the music concert. Boy-o-boy do they spread Christmas Cheer...melt my heart.. They all did such a great job!

Symmetrical looking Santa, Grinch & Menorah

Each 3rd grader drew a symmetrical looking Grinch and blended the crayons to get wonderful color and texture. 2nd graders worked on a symmetrical Santa and some also did a Menorah. Both grades used a vertical line of symmetry as a guideline and focused on coloring the sides first then middle. They completed these with a wax resist snowflakes and watercolor. We had a fun time singing carols while coloring and painting these too! GREAT work kidos! I love them all!

Gingerbread Houses

These kindergarten gingerbread houses are beyond cute! They "frosted" their houses the first day and then they added pattern to their house and thoughtful details. This project related to their gingerbread unit they were doing in their classrooms. Here is a sweet kindergartener who came down after school mighty proud and rightfully so of his gingerbread house he made. Thanks so much for sharing!! I hope you enjoy seeing these as much as I did! :)


With North America our cultural focus in art this year all grades have learned about different Native American tribes and their different and similar ways of life. They learned that there use to be over 500 different languages spoken and even more tribes.

4th graders focused on the Plains Indians such as the Ojibwa and Lakota when making our own dreamcatchers after them. We learned how many other tribes adopted the use of dreamcatchers sometimes from marriages between the tribes or from trade and interaction between tribes. We also learned about the legend of the Dreamcatcher.

The 4th graders learned about actual/real texture and implied texture when combining many different materials. They learned about many different color schemes and had a fun time expressing themselves with their choice of colors. They had to do lots of problem solving to have in the end a visually balanced and secure dreamcatcher.  This project took longer then expected but was well worth it. Well done 4th graders! :)

Fun.. Fall Projects..

Overlapping Pumpkins and Color Mixing

(Oops had these as as a draft and never posted these fun fall projects.) Above you can see 2nd graders worked hard to mix their secondary colors of orange, green and violet. We even took it a step further and mixed many intermediate colors like yellow-orange, blue-green and yellow-green with the assistance of the color wheel.

Fifth Graders went sailing with these amazing mix media Mayflower Ships!

1st Graders Painted the movement of fall leaves and Y Trees.

The first graders use the warm fall colors to paint the movement of leaves. They imagined leaves blowing all around and used their whole arm to paint this in the background. Next they used a dropper to add India ink to their paper and pulled the trunk of the tree out to a "Y" with many more y's and "v's" from there. Last they use ink pens and drew leaves with the movement lines.  

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Halloween Fun

REMEMBER GETTING THESE Square 1 Art ORDER PACKETS? :) If you haven't placed your order and want to please do it now! :) The deadline is TODAY Tuesday!!  The class with the highest percentage of participation will get an extra CLAY project this year!!! As of right now 5th grade is winning...

Kinder Ghost expressions and Square 1 art Order packets. :)

Kindergarten Ghost expressions

Ok Kiddos here is a self-portrait of the artist that I was for Halloween(see below)... Keep on looking through this post and you will learn the name of this Mexican Artist if you still haven't finished your research and figured it all out yet.


Casey's last day in art was on Halloween. I ReaLLY don't like saying good bye...we just said we'd see one another later.

She is a lovely artist and young lady. Such a great family that I am going to really miss. I am confident that they will be doing great work in Africa these next few years. I hope you are able to find time to keep on creating your own art and of course enjoy your adventure. We are going to miss you guys!

 Here are a couple more pictures from Halloween if you missed the parade. :)


     Did you guess that I was Frida Kahlo for Halloween? Is so you got it right!