Thursday, January 30, 2014

Beautiful Oops! and Beautiful NEw Art RooM!

Beautiful Oops by Baney Saltzberg is one of our new favorite books in the art room! I was going to save it for the start of the year for all of the grade levels but really felt that it was too good to wait.  It has a great message that it's ok to make mistakes-to think of them as an opportunity to make something beautiful. We talked about the meaning of the book and how it not only applies to being a creative problem solver in art class but also in everyday life. 

With the music concert practices, caroling at the Laurel's, and snow days we were really out of rotation when we got back from winter break.  Add in moving into the new art room to the mix of things during that time and the schedule is a little off.  Beautiful Oops was just what we all needed!
Ask your child about the NEW ART ROOM!  Moving and setting up a new room is one big project.  I had the GREATEST volunteers, custodian, and principal!  I wouldn't have been able to do it with out them.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It’s so great to have an Art room with all the “bells and whistles.” The community support and value for the Hudsonville Art program is evident. 

  Having a new art room has made it feel like the start of a new school year in many ways.  With the new room comes learning where everything is at, tweaking where things go, further organizing the room and teaching/ learning new procedures... It was good to have the common theme of Beautiful Oops with all the classes.  It helped get us all a little more in sync. There were classes needing to finish up past projects and some classes still needing to cash in their bonus art day after our break.  Oops! not what I planned but snow days and schedule changes happen. All is good. :)
One of the Bonus days.. These guys were proud of what they created and made sure that I got a picture from my laptop before they cleaned up.

 Check out this video if you haven't had the chance to read the book Beautiful Oops. This is one of the books we got with some of the money raised from Square 1Art. :)  

When I started reading the book the kids were leaning in, eyes big and I saw many great smirks and smiles as I lifted the flaps and folds. I had it projected over the big screen as I read so that all could see. Some of the classes drew the croc-a-lizard character illustrated a number of times throughout the book. They were challenged to keep on going with this picture even if they thought that they made a mistake. They were to then look at these oop's as an opportunity to make it beautiful.  Students were then presented with a creative challenge.  Some had dabbed or spilt paint to turn into something beautiful, others had a scrap of paper that they had to transform into something more.. They also learned/practiced different blending techniques.  Boy were they creative problem solvers!  They all did such a beautiful job!


  1. I LOVE THESE IMAGES!!!! I am so glad Beautiful Oops made an impression. Thank you so much for sharing! Sincerely, Barney Saltzberg

  2. I am honored to have you visit my blog and to leave such a nice comment! I will have to share this with the kids tomorrow. =) I'm sorry I didn't see that I had a comment to approve sooner! This is encouraging for me to keep on blogging. Thank you again for taking the time to leave a comment! It really means so much. The kids will be excited! :)