Friday, December 19, 2014

Dale Chihuly Inspired Art

5th graders are having a blast and are on a roll coloring and cutting up the plastic water bottles! It's fun to see how long they can get and some even have multiple spirals. We ran out of plastic bottles today and still have lots to go! Please collect & bring in any THIn plastic water bottles that you have over break. We tried a pop or sport drink bottle & we couldn't cut it with the scissors. We will be working on this sculpture the first thing Monday when we get back from break. So please bring them in first thing. : )
We noticed the beautiful colored light shining on the black paper from the water bottle. This got us excited thinking about how the sculpture will look hanging by the window.

Ps..This chicken wire is working awesome! Each opening/lid fits in the holes of the wire. Some want to pop out when a neighboring opening is getting filled. I'm think a glue gun will help with that. Do you have any other ideas? I see so many possibilities. :)

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