Thursday, December 18, 2014


With North America our cultural focus in art this year all grades have learned about different Native American tribes and their different and similar ways of life. They learned that there use to be over 500 different languages spoken and even more tribes.

4th graders focused on the Plains Indians such as the Ojibwa and Lakota when making our own dreamcatchers after them. We learned how many other tribes adopted the use of dreamcatchers sometimes from marriages between the tribes or from trade and interaction between tribes. We also learned about the legend of the Dreamcatcher.

The 4th graders learned about actual/real texture and implied texture when combining many different materials. They learned about many different color schemes and had a fun time expressing themselves with their choice of colors. They had to do lots of problem solving to have in the end a visually balanced and secure dreamcatcher.  This project took longer then expected but was well worth it. Well done 4th graders! :)

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