Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fun.. Fall Projects..

Overlapping Pumpkins and Color Mixing

(Oops had these as as a draft and never posted these fun fall projects.) Above you can see 2nd graders worked hard to mix their secondary colors of orange, green and violet. We even took it a step further and mixed many intermediate colors like yellow-orange, blue-green and yellow-green with the assistance of the color wheel.

Fifth Graders went sailing with these amazing mix media Mayflower Ships!

1st Graders Painted the movement of fall leaves and Y Trees.

The first graders use the warm fall colors to paint the movement of leaves. They imagined leaves blowing all around and used their whole arm to paint this in the background. Next they used a dropper to add India ink to their paper and pulled the trunk of the tree out to a "Y" with many more y's and "v's" from there. Last they use ink pens and drew leaves with the movement lines.  

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