Friday, October 9, 2015

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Square 1 Art - 2015

All the grade levels have just finished their Square 1 Art projects. This year we had the theme of animals with each grade creating a different animal. Not only did they review some of the art elements and principles of design with this project some grade's animal also related to Japanese, Indian, Chinese cultures or a grade level artist from our curriculum.   Also please “Follow” my art blog!!!  To do this click here or go to the right hand side of this web page and enter your email to "follow" my blog.  You will only get emails with the new post with pictures from my art blog.  This way you will not miss important dates for Square 1 Art, district art show and get to see what your child is creating in the art room.

 Fifth grade Japanese inspired Koi fish.


4th grade expressive Chameleons inspired by India's wildlife.


3rd Grade Blue Dogs- Learned about the Contemporary artist George Rodrigue and how he uses his "blue dog to communicate different ideas" Students brain stormed different ideas for their own blue dog and created their own art based on one of their ideas. They also learned what value is and how to show and create different values of a color on their blue dog. Last but not least they learned what complementary colors where and used the understanding of how these colors have great contrast to make their own blue dog's stand out.

2nd grade Foxes- Students learned about Fox Island in Japan and were told one of the Mythological stories about foxes where they end up being a symbol for good fortune when there is respect. They also learned that there are also many mythological stories of foxes where they are more tricksters and students shared some connections to stories and information that they knew about foxes already.


1st grade Giant Squid

1st grade Giant Squid and connections to the abstract art of Joan Miro.


Kindergartener really impressed me with their colorful pattern birds done after looking at James Rizzi and other contemporary artists' work.

Be on the lookout.. all students will be receiving a sheet of complementary stickers of their art from Square 1 Art and personalized order packet by October 29th. The order deadline is November 9 and the products will arrive December 1.  Personalized items with your childs art can make great keepsake gifts for Christmas and birthdays! Square 1 Art is a fundraiser that helps supplement non-consumable items for the art room like books on artists and the various cultures we cover in our curriculum. I also hope to get another projector and screen for the art room with raised art funds.

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