Thursday, February 4, 2016

1st grade Tea Bowls!!!

1st graders are now glazing their pinch pot tea bowls and have been learning about tea bowls and tea ceremonies in Korea, China and Japan. We compared English China sets to those from Asia and noticed they booth often have a foot at the bottom but we didn't see the handle on the side of the Asian tea bowl. The students also thought I was miss speaking when I was calling them tea bowls. :)  We are having a great time learning about similarities and differences between these cultures. We hope to have some kind of tea ceremony when our bowls are all done and glazewear. If anyone has knowledge or experience to share with the first grade classes on tea ceremonies from one of the countries in Asia or can donate tea and maybe some sweets for our tea party it would be greatly appreciated!! 

They have been working really hard trying to get all of their layers of glaze on their tea bowls in hopes of being able to use them for tea or juice. 😊