Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hard Work + Heart = A Great Work of Art!

 Students are very ambitious and work hard and help one another to achieve their project goals. 
Students put in extra time during their recess to redo failed attempts. They relearned proper technique for hand building with clay and learned about the many stages and consistences of the clay that they were working with.  They became more sensitive to these nuances with being given the opportunity to further explore the medium. Students came back and worked more as needed and receive encouragement from peers and teacher. "Remember when you put hard work and heart into your art you create great art!!" said a third grader pointing to the board with the equation Mrs. Anderson wrote on the board, "Hard work + Heart = A Great work of Art." 

There were so many ambitious and unique designs. Projects can take a long time because kids work as hard as they possibly can. For example kids add as much detail as they can. Some of which took many different approaches and attempts until getting it to all come together and work. There is so much problem finding, problem solving and life lessons learned during the process of creating in clay. 

I'm so thankful for the all the ziplock bags that allowed us to be able to prep the clay and then continue to work on our projects. The 2 gallon sized bags that were donated allowed the 5th graders to explore the clay process as needed and find success! Once they rolled their slabs their clay didn't fit in a standard gallon size bag. 
If you could send in more freezer ziplock baggies that would be awesome! I would like to get clay prepared for the fall so we can do it even earlier next year. Again if there is any parent or family members that would like to volunteers and help with this prep it would be greatly appreciated! 

(This blog post was written and photographed with the help from some 3rd - 5th graders. Thanks for all your dedication and hard work!) 

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