Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Students Helping in the Art Room!

Students like to lend an extra hand and help in the art room during some of their recesses. They take pride in the art room and try to help by using their different strengths and build new skills. The following are some of the things that art room helpers do:

 They may help fix things like rattling fans, jammed staplers, checking that lids are snapped and sorting gazes.

Mrs. Anderson will often teach a new job to a student.  Then this helper will then teach their job to the next group that comes in to help.

Here a a new art room helper is learning how to look for the different codes and sort in-progress art from the drying rack into class and colored table folders.
It is also important that the folders get put back away where they belong in the labeled and coded drawers. Helpers can easily find the different days folders and can also help set up for the next class. Checking for accidental drips of glaze and adding class codes/names on bottom of clay projects. 
Then double checking for class codes and clean bottoms before we load the kiln. We find the projects that will fit the different height combinations of the kiln stilts and then we carefully hand Mrs. Anderson the projects to load deep into the kiln.  

Helping catch students up who missed part of the clay project.

And last but not least taking photos and helping type this post for the blog!! :)(This blog post was photographed and written with the help of some of these art room helpers!  Thanks so much for all of your help in our art room! You are all very much appreciated!
 ~Mrs. Anderson )

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