Wednesday, May 18, 2016

This spring there has already been two public art shows where Park Kids have really shined. We had the district wide art show at Hudsonville City Hall and were invited to participate at an art contest and display some student art at Biggby on 32nd street.

It is always so nice to see all the families, proud artist and staff from Park. I heard such great things about the shows and artwork. I’m very proud to be apart of such a great team of art teachers and to teach such wonderful students at Park. Thank you so much for all of your support of our young artists and the art program! People were wowed by all that they saw including Mr. Scheckler who said “It was like a gallery opening in New York with all of the actual artists present..” Also this is the first year that I included the clay projects in the show. When setting up the show the high school art teacher Mr. Meyer along with the other art teachers were so impressed with the clay projects they truly felt they looked like they were done by high schoolers!

Park artist also really shined at the Biggby art competition with Sophie Chambers receiving 1st place by public vote, Aubrey Hossink taking 2nd place by public vote and Aaron Parker received the Barista's favorite award voted by all the workers at Biggby. If you didn’t get a chance to these great displays of art here is a glimpse of these art shows. 

There will be another chance to see more great student and professional artwork and performances at the Grand Rapids Art Festival running June 3-5. We will have 10 2D works or art and 3 clay sculptures from Park students at the Grand Rapids Art Museum for the Festival of the Arts Youth Art Show.

The hours for Youth Art at the GRAM during festival are:
Friday, June 3, 12-7 pm
Saturday, June 4, 12-7 pm
Sunday, June 5, 12-3 pm   

I hope to see your downtown! Also if there are any parents who would be interested in helping prepping clay and glaze this spring for the fall it would be greatly appreciated! Please shoot me an email and we can set up a time. I will also need more quart, gallon, and 2 gallon Freezer bags for the clay. If you are able to donate some of these items it would be greatly appreciated! appreciated!

Thank you so much!
~Mrs. Anderson

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