Friday, September 29, 2017

TOP 25 for ART Prize! Go Vote! Lets make it to the TOP 10!

Our students made it to the TOP 25!!

  ARTPRIZE Round 1 Voting is OPEN until Sunday, Oct 1! 

Please VOTE to get in the top 10!!! 

The HPS Art Student ARTPRIZE entry is installed and we are in the top 25!  Please take a few minutes to visit our entry, "You Be You" and VOTE for our students!

Website -
Vote code - 66018

HPS Art Location: DeVos Place Convention Center, (outside, along the river) 

Our rock fish are now in the top 25!!! 
It's time to vote for the top 10 now!!!

This collaborative art project is based on the book, Only One You, by Linda Kranz. It celebrates the uniqueness of each child within a larger “school of fish.” Each child’s brightly painted fish rock will join the “school of fish,” swimming together, and symbolizing our children entering the world. Altogether, around 6,000 rocks will be painted by Hudsonville art students in grades K-12. Stop out and enjoy the art!

Thanks to Linda Kranz for permission to enter this project in ArtPrize.
Thanks to Jessica Moyes at Sharon Elementary for the inspiration.
Thanks to Maggie Bandstra (Alward Elementary) and Celine Nienhouse (South and Forest Grove Elementary Schools) for securing our fantastic venue and coordinating the installation!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

4th and 5th Grade Op Art

It's great to be back. The day really flies by when working with the kids in art. The first and last project of the day has been a fun one with 4th and 5th grade learning about optical illusions and tricking the eye with the use of depth perception, pattern, lines, and pushing value with their shading. 

As the 5th and 4th graders are finishing up their Op art project they are really getting into it! They are having a fun time posing for a photo that they will use to complete their optical illusion. They have really been taking pride in their work as they finish their art projects. I can't wait to see all the pieces come together!